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Welcome to our online radio station

Pamtengo radio provides the news, shared knowledge and cultural perspective that connect and reflect our vibrant and diverse communities..

History Established in 2013. Pamtengo Radio was established to cater for the Black and minority ethnic community. Our aim was to promote our culture through shared music, news, sports and arts. We like to see a social inclusive community and assist our young people's development by offering skills training to those who have interest in music. Pamtengo radio has a reach of 60,000 per month and rising- 40% listeners are aged 15 - 24. Another 60% are aged 25 - 55. Music is an important part of listeners' lives - they view it as social currency. Entertainment is key and consumed when and where they went. Friends and Family are both central to their lives. High image conscious, Inspirational and Socially active. Tech savvy and comfortable with prolife rating technologies Multi tasking is second nature and they'd be lost without the internet..

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