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British couple fighting for life after crash on ‘holiday of a lifetime’ in Bali

British couple fighting for life after crash on ‘holiday of a lifetime’ in Bali


British couple have suffered serious life-changing injuries after a horror crash on their “trip of a lifetime” to Bali.

Joella Senior, 27, and Alex Hoyle, 29, from Nottinghamshire are in a critical condition in hospital after their scooter crashed in the tourist hotspot around 9.10pm local time on June 12.

Mr Hoyle is currently in an induced coma having smashed his head and broken his cheekbone with the crash also causing damage to his liver and lungs.

His mother is at his hospital bedside. Close friends revealed Mr Hoyle had managed to squeeze her hand after hearing her voice.

Ms Senior, a social media executive from Loughborough, is now able to talk to nurses in hospital after surgery on her broken arm, damaged rib cage and fractured pelvis.

She has also had operations on her collarbone and cheekbone.

Close friend Oliver Rowland set up a JustGiving crowdfunder in hope of raising £100,000 to cover the medical costs of operations that he said needed to be paid upfront.

He said: “The family are talking to Alex daily in the hope that he will be able to hear.

“Mandy, Alex’s mum, had a breakthrough after saying his name numerous times where she then got a squeeze of the hand from Alex – She says this must be an automatic reaction after all the years of telling him to tidy his room!

“Alex still remains heavily sedated and there is no timescale on when this will change anytime in the near future. There is still unfortunately a long way to go for Alex’s recovery.”

He added: “Joella hasn’t allowed this to dampen her spirits and is a favourite with the nurses on the ward showing real bravery and keeping as positive as she can, which is reflective in her warm and bubbly personality that always shines through even when facing times of adversity.”

Georgie Steel, 26, a close friend of the couple said she was in “disbelief” after the crash.

She told the Nottingham Post: “Me and my partner Oli chatted to them that day and they were both having the best time on a holiday of a lifetime.

“They’d gone out for two weeks in Bali on their first proper getaway together, and this happened on their third day.

“I knew something was serious when I was asked to get Alex’s mother’s phone number.

“I’m best friends with Joella and Oli is best friends with Alex, and have been all their lives.

“We were thinking they can’t have been in an accident.”

The Hoyle family said in an email they were “encouraged by the excellent surgical work undertaken so far to both”.

“All family and friends are deeply touched by the generosity, love and best wishes they are receiving from friends, family and even complete strangers,” the family statement said.

“It is amazing to the family just how caring and generous people can be in these difficult economic times for us all.”

A spokesperson for the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office said: “We are providing support to the families of two British nationals involved in a road accident in Bali and are in touch with the local authorities.”

To donate to the couple’s medical bills click here.

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