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oy George has reignited his feud with Victoria Beckham after claiming that British Airways left passengers waiting in first class while the fashion designer’s car came to pick her up directly from the aircraft.

The Do You Really Want To Hurt Me singer, 61, took to Twitter to vent his frustration on Wednesday afternoon, vowing to avoid flying with the airline for the foreseeable future in a since deleted tweet.

He wrote: “Nice touch for @britishairways to leave everyone in first class waiting for steps while Victoria Beckham’s car picks her up at the aircraft. Proper going to avoid flying BA for a while!”

Boy George has been in the US for the past couple of weeks touring with his band Culture Club.

It’s not the first time that Boy George has had a run-in with Victoria Beckham

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While he did not disclose his flight’s arrival destination, it is believed to be the UK as Culture Club are set to perform at London’s Kenwood House on Friday night.

The Standard has contacted representatives for British Airways and Victoria Beckham for comment.

It is not the first time that Boy George has spoken out against the former Spice Girl.

In 2018, he asked Beckham for an autograph when they met at a radio station and it didn’t quite go to plan.

Boy George had a run-in with Victoria Beckham at a radio station in 2018

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He recalled: “She’s a little bit more serious now isn’t she, but this was a fun moment in her life.

“I nabbed her at a radio station and said ‘will you write something funny on this for me’ and she wouldn’t write what I asked her to write, but she wrote, ‘To the b***h, f**k off!’”

Her harsh seeming words may have been in response to Boy George slamming the Spice Girls in the past.

In 2016, the former mentor on The Voice forbade solo singer Vangelis from performing the band’s 1997 hit Viva Forever, before launching into a scathing attack on the Girl Power five-piece.

Boy George has made some scathing remarks about the Spice Girls in the past

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He said: “The Spice Girls are awful. I hate them. They’ve just got nothing to say.

“Girl power. Yeah, and what the f*** is girl power? F*** the Spice Girls.

“They are a cynical corporate creation and proof that a good stylist is more important than a good melody.”

Boy George also tweeted his feelings about the band in 2012, penning: “Girl power? The Spice Girls were a calculated male conspiracy. Or was it the Russians?”

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