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‘My mother would be terribly upset’ by Queen’s death, says Dame Vera Lynn’s daughter

‘My mother would be terribly upset’ by Queen’s death, says Dame Vera Lynn’s daughter


ame Vera Lynn would be “terribly upset” by the death of the Queen, her daughter has said.

Dame Vera died in 2020 at the age of 103. She had known the Queen since the monarch’s 16th birthday where she was asked to sing to mark the occassion.

In a statement, Virginia Lewis-Jones, paid tribute to the late monarch on her behalf of her mother.

“I know that my mother would have been terribly upset at Her Majesty’s passing,” the statement read.

“They had known each other since my mother was asked to sing at Princess Elizabeth’s 16th Birthday party at Windsor.

“She felt such a close affinity with the Queen, not only because of their shared dedication to so many charities, but also of course because of their major contributions during World War 2.

“The Queen as has been mentioned, had a wonderful sense of humour, and there was always a twinkle in her eye.”

Ms Lewis-Jones also made reference to the Queen’s nod to her mother’s war-time anthem during an address to the nation as the country was thrown into lockdown.

“Obviously I and my family are very upset as are so many people in this country and around the world at Her Majesty’s passing,” she said.

“Not least because it has brought back my own Mother’s passing two years ago, as I am sure it has for so many other people who have lost loved ones, and therefore I am sure we are all doubly upset.

“However, I know that my Mother would probably say that very well known expression of hers ‘We’ll meet again,’ to which her Majesty made reference in her Covid speech to the nation.

“We WILL meet again. I know that they actually believe that too.”

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