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David Schwimmer teases Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston over shower photo

David Schwimmer teases Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston over shower photo

The Friends star, 55, cheekily mocked Aniston’s photo posted on Instagram on Wednesday, which showed her in the shower teasing a new shampoo product to come from her LolaVie haircare.

Aniston, 53, had captioned the photo: “Something’s coming 9.8.22”.

Schwimmer wasted no time in recreating the picture as he posted his version on Instagram hours later, revealing a non-sultry image of himself in the shower with pursed lips covered in shampoo.

The actor wrote: “@jenniferaniston – a towel I hope??” in response to Aniston’s post.

Not letting the gag pass her by, the actress replied in the comment section: “Schwim!? Trying to steal my thunder!?”, as fans were left delighted to see the two previous sitcom stars engaging with each other.

Aniston and Schwimmer featured on hit 1990s show Friends, where they played friends and lovers Rachel Green and Ross Geller for a decade until the production ended in 2004.

While both actors have gone on to have successful careers apart in film and TV, it’s clear the pair have stayed connected with each other, following their latest social media exchange.

This comes a year after Schwimmer revealed on the Friends reunion that he and Aniston had a crush on each other while working on the show – though they never did anything about it.

Schwimmer said: “The first season I had a major crush on Jen.

“And I think we both, at some point, were crushing hard on each other but it was like two ships passing because one of us was always in a relationship and we never crossed that boundary. We respected that.”

Schwimmer and Aniston played lovers Ross Geller and Rachel Green on Friends

/ Channel 4

Following the confession, Aniston spoke about her chemistry with Schwimmer on the sitcom in an interview with Howard Stern.

She said: “We were in relationships; it was always never the right time and it wouldn’t have worked.

“The beauty of that was that whatever feelings we had we just literally channelled everything into Ross and Rachel and I think that’s maybe why it resonated the way it did.

“But no, we never – on my life, and Courteney [Cox, who played Monica] and Lisa [Kudrow, who played Phoebe] would know and can vouch for me. No. I would proudly say I banged Schwimmer if that happened. But no.”

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