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Normally whoever wins the annual singing competition hosts it the following year, however organisers have decided that it’s not an option for this year’s winners Ukraine to host it in their country due to the ongoing war.

Ukrainian rap group Kalush Orchestra won this year’s competition with the track Stefania. The UK’s Sam Ryder came in second place with his song Space Man.

After it was revealed talks were under way about 2022 runner-up UK stepping in to host, fans rushed to social media to give their opinion.

While they could not decide which city the honour should go to with frontrunners including London, Manchester, Glasgow and Cardiff, many agreed that the show should still have a Ukraine theme.

“This needs to be very much a Ukraine hosted Eurovision, just set in the UK. The hosts, the interval acts, the postcards should all be Ukraine based. There can be a UK flavour for sure, but you have to respect Ukraine’s desire to host and the situation they are in,” one Twitter user opined.

“Ukrainian ground isn’t safe enough for hosting a complexly-produced show like Eurovision. it should be hosted somewhere else. BUT, some Ukrainian vibes should still be included into the production,” said another.

“I just know the whole of the UK will be behind this and the whole nation will be buzzing to host. I’m sure the contest will have many an homage to Ukraine, but given the huge cost to the BBC, it will be only right to have Ukrainian and British hosts. A collaborative contest,” another wrote.

Not everyone agreed that the event should have a distinctly Ukrainian flavour.

“I think if the bbc is gonna whack out 14 million smackaroos they are going to make it fully british,” one Twitter user said.

“Interestingly though, the circumstances are the reason we weren’t hosting in the first place (as probs would have won otherwise),” said another.

Next year will mark the 67th Eurovision Song Contest. No date for the competition has yet been announced, but it generally takes place in May.

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