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Former Flitwick lorry driver vows to enjoy life again after losing over NINE STONE

Former Flitwick lorry driver vows to enjoy life again after losing over NINE STONE

A man who was staring death right in the face has turned his life around after losing an amazing nine-and-a-half stone.

Former lorry driver, Mike Ashton, of Flitwick, says he was eating all “the wrong things while on the road” – and ballooned to 23 stone 11bs.

He decided enough was enough and joined Slimming World and initially lost four-and-a-half stone.

Mike, when he weighed 23 stone 11lbs

But that’s not where Mike’s story ends.

Soon after joining the group, the 67-year-old was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer.

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After having surgery, Mike suffered a stroke and was put in a coma – he woke up 12 days later only to discover he was paralysed down his right side and had had a tracheotomy too.

Mike with Riding for the Disabled Association

He said: “The tracheotomy added to my paralysis by robbing me of my voice. Can you imagine how frightening this was?”

It was then Mike vowed never to go through more hospital treatment and decided to wear a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) bracelet.

He added: “The day I had the stroke was the day I wish I’d died.”

But when the paralysis forced his wife Sue to become his carer, his life had a new purpose with Mike deciding to lose more weight so he could ride a horse with the Riding for the Disabled Association and become more independent.

Mike after losing nine-and-a-half stone

He rejoined Ampthill Slimming World, this time in his powered wheelchair.

And now – after losing nine-and-a-half stone – Mike has made the brave decision to remove his DNR bracelet.

“The bracelet has to go,” said Mike as he celebrates his “new life”.

He added: “I must give credit for my constant determination and motivation to Jane Oliver. She has always believed in me.”

Gone are the endless supply of sandwiches. Mike now enjoys a new menu:

BREAKFAST: Weetabix and goats’ milk & black coffee

LUNCH: Ham & Babybel Light cheese and onions

SNACKS: French fries or a two-tier fruit bowl with bananas, plums and apples

EVENING MEAL: Slimming World ready meals

If you want to join Ampthill Slimming World, call Jane Oliver on 07545 856986 or just come along to Ampthill Methodist Church, Mondays 5.30-7pm and Tuesdays 8.30-10am.

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