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Inspectors praise "dynamic" Bedford nursery in glowing report

Inspectors praise “dynamic” Bedford nursery in glowing report

Inspectors have described a Bedford nursery as dynamic and rated it outstanding in ALL AREAS.

The report said: “Children thrive in this dynamic nursery. They are exceptionally confident, recognising that they are truly valued and their views are always considered.

Monkey Puzzle Bedford Day Nursery & Preschool

“Children respond to staff’s high expectations and positive role modelling.”

It went on to say: “The director is devoted to continuously improving the nursery. Exceptionally robust monitoring enables her to highlight and address gaps in children’s learning swiftly. Her excellent knowledge of children ensures that additional funding is used highly effectively to promote children’s development.”

Staff were also praised in the report, which said: “All staff refresh their first-aid training every six months. Staff are highly valued and their well-being is expertly supported. They receive frequent supervision sessions, enabling them to continue to develop their practice. Staff are highly motivated and enthusiastic.”

And it looks like the chidren at the nursery in Shakespeare Road have a great time too.

The report added: “Children are exceptionally confident to play independently, rapidly developing the skills needed when starting school. For instance, a small group of children set up a ‘home’. They name a doll and carefully care for this, delegating tasks.

“They stretch their arms to symbolise the sun coming up and gently wake their baby.”

Other highlights in the report were:

> Children show a mature understanding of their emotions and behaviour

> Staff are exceptionally sensitive to the effects of the Covid lockdowns

> Staff skilfully assess what interests and motivates children

> Children listen intently and use a rich vocabulary

> Children demonstrate a wonderful enjoyment of books and have an advanced understanding of the different types

> Staff use every opportunity to extend children’s learning, making excellent decisions about when to interact

> Parents speak highly of this exceptional nursery

The nursery provides full-day care for children aged 0 to 4.

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