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Royal ties to ‘deepen’ under King Charles III, says Jacinda Ardern

Royal ties to ‘deepen’ under King Charles III, says Jacinda Ardern

Australia and New Zealand both held proclamation ceremonies for the new head of state following the death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday.

New Zealand held its formal ceremony on parliament’s grounds, with the proceedings led by governer general Cindy Kiro and MS Ardern, beginning with the national anthem and a prayer.

Ms Ardern said she is confident her nation’s relationship with the royal family will “deepen”.

“King Charles has long had an affection for Aotearoa New Zealand and has consistently demonstrated his deep care for our nation.

“This relationship is deeply valued by our people. I have no doubt it will deepen”, she said.

She heaped praise on the Queen, adding: “Upon her death we enter a time of change – one filled with sadness for her passing, but also gratitude for the life she led, and the example she set. We are forever grateful for her close bond to our country, but it’s a bond and affection that spans across her entire family,” she said.

It comes after Australia also officially recognised King Charles as the country’s new sovereign.

Prime minister Anthony Albanese said there had been “an outpouring of grief” after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “In Queen Elizabeth’s own words, that grief is the price we pay for love, is I think a fitting statement on how so many Australians are feeling at this time,” he said.

“Today, we mark formally the new head of state in King Charles III and the proclamation – the first in my lifetime and the first in a majority of Australians’ lifetime – is an historic event.”

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