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Joan Collins, 89, admits she wanted to be a boy while going through puberty when she was 14

Joan Collins, 89, admits she wanted to be a boy while going through puberty when she was 14


ame Joan Collins may be known for her portrayals of bombshells, but has opened up about wanting to be a boy while going through puberty at the age of 14.

The glamourous actress – who played Alexis Carrington in soap Dynasty in the 1980s – admitted that she “hated” the way her body was changing and “rebelled” by wearing boy’s clothes.

“I remember going through puberty at 14 and hating the way my body was changing,” she told Saga magazine.

“I hated everything that was happening. So I rebelled and wore boys clothes. I wore corduroys and scraped my hair back. I even went to football matches with my father,” the godmother of model and actress Cara Delevingne added.

When asked about changing her mind about wanting to be a boy, she said: “I think when I went on holiday to France when I was around 15,” she laughed: “When they discovered me!”

Joan Collins pictured in 1958 at the age of twenty, whilst filming in Rome for In the Land of the Pharaohs

/ Getty Images

Collins has been married five times and has three children.

She celebrated her 20th anniversary with fifth husband Percy Gibson, 57, earlier this year.

The screen legend will celebrate her 90th birthday next year, but admited she still thinks of herself as a 40-year-old.

She also claimed that age is irrelevant since her focus lies with how she “looks, feels and behaves” and believes asking a woman her age to be “tremendously rude”.

She told the publication: “My mother’s generation never did it. But you know, people have been calling me an older woman since I was 38.

“I think what is important is not age, but how you look, feel and behave.”

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