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isa Snowdon has pledged to fearlessly knock down any doors closed to her as a woman aged 50.

The presenter, 50, has plans to continue doing what she loves, having spent the last 30 years gracing catwalks as well as working in both radio and television.

She told The Standard: “There’s definitely doors that close and less opportunities as you get older and definitely as a woman, but I am managing to bash those doors down and continue to do what I want to do and be considered for things.”

“It’s kind of amazing when I actually take stock and look back and I feel quite proud that I’ve had the longevity that I’ve had and that I still continue to actually enjoy what I do,” she added.

Lisa Snowdon says she’s proud of her long and varied career

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“I do feel very lucky, not everyone likes what they do but I do genuinely love it. Now I’m 50 I need to stop being fearful and just embrace everything that comes my way.”

The former Strictly Come Dancing star looks fanatastic after celebrating her milestone birthday earlier this year and she has attributed it to making smarter lifestyle choices, especially where the menopause is concerned.

She said: “You do have to look at your lifestyle as a 360 and make changes. There are definitely things that you can’t do with regards to sugars and alcohol – our bodies just don’t like them anymore, it all starts to come into play, you have to recognise it so you can take responsibility.”

Part of that includes looking after her gut health.

Lisa Snowdon has teamed up with probiotic brand Symprove for their #ItTakesGuts campaign

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“A lot of us women suffer with IBS and changes in the tummy,” the star said. “Your gut is a second brain and your immunity stems from the health of your gut.

“A healthy gut really helps with things like mental health and depression. We could all do with learning more about our tummies and that sort of gut instinct that you get when something isn’t right.”

She has teamed up with probiotic brand Symprove for their #ItTakesGuts campaign which aims to get people talking more about their own gut health.

A recent survey found more than 13 million Britons are believed to suffer from a stomach or bowel-related complaint but 54% are too embarrassed to go to their GP.

Lisa Snowdon has converted fiancé George Smart into a fan of Symprove and they take the tonic together daily

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Elsewhere, Snowdon is a huge advocate of women supporting women.

“I’m a girl’s girl and if there’s a complement that’s due, I’ll give it,” she said. “That’s what makes me tick”.

Whether it’s empowering women through her Menopause Madness podcast or watching their faces light up after getting one of her makeovers on This Morning, Snowdon practices what she preaches.

Lisa Snowdon headed to parliament to push the Menopause Mandate and speak about HRT shortages

/ Daily Mail

Another way she is looking to lift womankind up is through the Menopause Mandate.

She headed to Parliament on Monday with Carolyn Harris MP, Davina Penny Lancaster and Mariella Frostup to speak about HRT shortages and support in the workplace for employees going through the menopause.

Speaking about the impact hormone replacement therapy has had on her, she said: “I feel like it saved me because I was completely out of sorts and feeling really out of my depths with some of the symptoms the anxiety and some of the weight gain and feeling quite lost so that has really helped.”

Lisa Snowdon asks shy Brits to talk more about poo in her #ItTakesGuts video with Symprove.

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