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‘My Queen’: Love Island’s Ekin-Su and Davide finally reunite

‘My Queen’: Love Island’s Ekin-Su and Davide finally reunite

Ekin-Su, 28, and Davide, 27, showcased that they are very much still a couple as they appeared in a video shared on Davide’s Instagram Stories following their long-awaited reunion.

The pair had spent the past few days apart as Ekin-Su travelled to Los Angeles for her first Oh Polly photoshoot campaign and then Dublin, Ireland, promoting the brand on Late Late Show, before returning to London.

The couple’s reunion comes after Davide was seen in a cab with two women on August 27

/ PA

While she was away, Davide was seen in footage obtained by The Sun, getting into a taxi with a male friend and Icelandic beauties Anita Gunnarsdottir and Matthildur Ylfa Þorsteinsd, sparking cheating rumours, which he denied.

The scandal seemed to be forgotten about as the Italian star called partner Ekin-Su his “Queen”, as he embraced her tightly during their reunion in the video he posted.

In the clip, Davide said: “Finally back with my queen, together, enjoying life.”

He then planted a kiss on Ekin-Su, which left her smiling and giggling.

The couple complimented each other with their looks as they each wore black casual ensembles, with Davide sporting a printed hoodie while Ekin-Su rocked a jumpsuit with a chain belt and black shades.

The Turkish actress earlier addressed the video of Davide with two women, as she told “I mean, those videos, we know it’s not true because I was talking to him the whole night.

“You know the relationship is between me and him and people like to talk.

“The truth behind that is it wasn’t just him, it was a big group, and it just happened to be two girls in a taxi with him and his friend and it just looked wrong, that’s all it was.”

Ekin-Su confidently added: “And you know I trust him, he didn’t cheat, and he’s my man.”

Following the footage, Ekin-Su refused to comment on what was seen and instead, called herself a “boss babe” and “authentic” in social-media posts shared afterwards.

Ekin-Su also documented her stay in LA to fans, and continued to post videos of herself enjoying her trip before heading back to the UK.

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