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illie Mackintosh has confessed it is “difficult” to find time for date nights with her husband Hugo Taylor now they have kids.

This weekend was a rarity when she enjoyed a romantic getaway to Paris with her husband, their first break together without their two children.

The 32-year-old married her former Made In Chelsea co-star in 2018 and they now share daughters Sienna, two, and Aurelia, eight-months.

Since leaving her reality TV days behind her, Mackintosh has forged a successful career as a mumfluencer and often shares insights into her family life on social media.

But while she lives for both of her girls, she admitted her romance with her husband can sometimes take a backseat among the chaos.

Speaking to the Standard before jetting off to the French capital where they took in a Coldplay concert, she said she was “looking forward to having some couples time”.

She said: “Date nights are not as regular as I thought we would. It’s hard, it’s difficult. I find in the evenings we’re both so tired but we try to do like, day dates which I really love.”

Reflecting on life as a mum-of-two, she said: “They get on really well. There are sometimes little moments of jealousy that I’ve been seeing more recently because now Aurelia is actually turning into a little person, you know she’s not saying words but she’s very vocal and she’s sitting up and almost crawling and I think Sienna is starting to see her as a little bit more of a threat.

“Most of the time there’s just a lot of affection and honestly the way that Aurelia looks at Sienna is like she thinks she’s the best thing in the world, it’s very cute.”

Millie Mackintosh pictured with her two daughters

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Asked what she loves most about being a mum, she replied: “The love, like it just does feel like limitless. Yes, they are my children, but they literally are my whole world and I can’t imagine life before them.”

Mackintosh regularly offers up valuable advice on her Mumlemmas & More podcast and she has now partnered with Aptamil Follow On Milk Tabs to share some of her best parenting tips and tricks.

She and Taylor recently enjoyed their first holiday as a family of four together but she said one of the most challenging parts was getting there.

She said: “It was probably one of the worst flights that we’ve done because of the level of tantrums and you know, people do look and you have to just not care. It’s quite hard but at least people with children know how hard it is and you just have to ignore the eye rolling.”

In addition to “lots of patience and deep breaths”, her top travel tips include travelling during naptimes.

She also advised “giving them something to suck on during take off and landing can help with their ears” and to never underestimate the power of your phone.

She explained: “You can use a sick bag that you would usually have in the seat pocket in front of you and if you have a cover on your phone you can slot it through the back of your phone case and attach it to the frame so that you’ve got a hands-free way of entertaining your baby in a kind of panic mode if they’re getting really fussy or bored.

“I always said no screen time, but then you have kids and that along with a few things that I’ve previously stated goes out the window.”

While she does limit her daughters’ screen time, there’s no escaping watching Coco Melon on repeat.

”The songs get stuck in your head and it drives you completely mad when one of them is just going round and round in the middle of the night,” she sighed.

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