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OZINGTON KONKE|| How God Called A Man Through A Dog | Zim News

OZINGTON KONKE|| How God Called A Man Through A Dog | Zim News

That God used a woman of harlotry called Gomer to mark the beginning of Hosea’s prophetic ministry can be a debatable issue, but when you get the chance to meet 31-year old Ozington Konke, you may get shocked to realize how the same God that called Hosea used a dead dog to spiritually inspire the Kwekwe-bred “Man-of-God”.

”It was in 2007, when I was 17 and I was in rural Zhombe,” said Konke who fellowships at the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM) in Kwekwe.

”So what happened was that our family dog Ranger had died and I was really pained looking at my motionless dog. Looking at the dog, I said ‘God, if you’re able to raise people from the dead, I know you can bring back the life of Ranger’. Then I went back to my house. After some minutes, I was really shocked to see a frothing Ranger coming and that was when I experienced the power of God first-handedly,” he said.

Since then, Konke has never looked back and the youthful cleric said he is not in a hurry to go to the pastoral college to be a pastor.

The 31-year old is an entrepreneur and he runs a number of businesses in Kwekwe town.

”I continue to see God’s hand in every facet of my life including businesses. Even in my dealerships, I ask for God’s hand and He reveals himself”, he said.

Added Konke:

”People always say I should open up my own Ministry but as I always tell them, God’s time is the best”.


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