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Petrol prices in Bedfordshire: The latest fuel prices across Bedfordshire as prices continue to soar

Petrol prices in Bedfordshire: The latest fuel prices across Bedfordshire as prices continue to soar

This week, for the first time the cost of filling an average family car with petrol has hit £100 according to the RAC. As prices at the pump continues to soar, drivers across Bedfordshire are desperately trying to find the cheapest pumps.

As a range for prices, the cheapest price in the region for petrol is 173.9p in Dunstable, whereas the cheapest Diesel can be found for 181.9p in Henlow and Bedford. For comparison, the cheapest Petrol two months ago was 158.7p and the cheapest diesel was 170.9p.

As the situation in Ukraine continues, it continues to strain suppliers as they try and maintain demand for fuel. Here is a summary of the cheapest prices for petrol and diesel across Bedfordshire, according to’s petrol price tracking tool.

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Petrol prices in Beds

  1. 173.9p – Sainsburys, Luton Road, Dunstable
  2. 174.8p – Castle Street, Luton
  3. 175.9p – Sainsburys, Kempston, Bedford
  4. 176.7p – Asda, Wigmore Lane, Luton

  5. 177.9p – MFG, Leagrave, Luton
  6. 177.9p – Tesco, Flitwick
  7. 178.9p – Sainsburys, Fairfield Road, Bedford
  8. 178.9p – BP, Luton Road Service Station, Dunstable
  9. 178.9p – Gulf, Cranfield High Street, Cranfield
  10. 179.9p – Murco, Fields Road, Wooton

Diesel prices in Beds

  1. 181.9p – Jet, Bedford Road, Henlow
  2. 181.9p – Morrisons, Ampthill Road, Bedford
  3. 182.9p – Sainsburys, Bedford Road, Kempston
  4. 183.7p – ASDA, Wigmore Road, Luton
  5. 183.8p – Castle Street, Luton
  6. 185.9p – Sainsburys, Luton Road, Dunstable
  7. 185.9p – Jet, Bedford Road, Clophill
  8. 185.9p – Morrisons, Leighton Buzzard
  9. 185.9p – Esso, A507 bypass, Shefford
  10. 185.9p – Esso, High Street North, Dunstable

Data is accurate at time of writing according to’s tracking tool.

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