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POLAD holds Zimdollar Indaba | Zim News

POLAD holds Zimdollar Indaba | Zim News

The Political Actors Dialogue Forum (POLAD) is holding a Currency Indaba in Harare today.

The Indaba is being attended by business leaders, labour, investors, development partners, consumers, Academia, civil society and diplomats among other invited guests.

Participants have been grouped into three panels which will deliberate on issues affecting macroeconomic stability and come up with recommendations.

Meanwhile, addressing the gathering, Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube said the country’s economic fundamentals are strong adding that the only problem is the arbitrage which the government is dealing with.

Arbitrage refers to the process of buying a currency in one market at a lower rate and immediately selling it in another market at a higher rate. The difference between these two rates is the profit to the participant.

Ncube said the government continues to live within its means, with expenditure having been contained with the resource envelope.

He said revenue collections for the period January to March 2022 amounted to ZE$181.2 billion against a target of ZW169.5 billion.


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