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Rebekah Vardy: I’m not worried about paying costs of Wagatha Christie trial

Rebekah Vardy: I’m not worried about paying costs of Wagatha Christie trial


ebekah Vardy has said she is “not at all worried” about the legal fees for the Wagatha Christie case in a TV interview.

Ms Vardy, 40, lost a libel battle against 36-year-old Rooney over a viral social media post in which Ms Rooney accused her of leaking stories to the press.

It is believed the total legal costs of the case will be in the region of £3 million, most of which will now be borne by Ms Vardy.

Speaking in an interview with TalkTV on Wednesday, she said: “The legal fees will be dealt with privately, the way they should be. There shouldn’t be any gloating about anything to do with finances.”

She added: “There’s been quite a bit of speculation about other homes abroad and that’s categorically not true.”

The wife of footballer Jamie Vardy opened up about her emotional impact of the trial, saying there were moments when she “didn’t even want to be here any more”.

Ms Vardy told host Kate McCann: “It was like the worst feeling, but at the same time having those feelings that I shouldn’t be feeling that, because, to me, that was being a failure.”

The media personality said she bore no “ill feelings” towards Ms Rooney, saying that she does not want her or her family to be subjected to any abuse following the high-profile trial.

She said: “No-one deserves to be subjected to that kind of abuse of any level.”

Coleen Rooney leaving the Royal Courts of Justice during the trial

/ Getty Images

She said that sexism affected both her and Ms Rooney during the legal battle, particularly in commentary around clothing, saying she did not think Johnny Depp’s attire was subjected to the same level of observation during his recent high-profile trial.

She added: “It seems that women aren’t allowed to defend themselves, women aren’t allowed to dress nicely.”

Her legal team did not warn her that she may not win the libel case, which she brought, said Ms Vardy, because “they knew I didn’t do it”.

She repeated her disappointment of not winning the case, telling TalkTV’s Kate McCann: “I didn’t expect it to go that way but I think we had a judge that didn’t understand the case and didn’t look at everything.

“It feels like the judge just read what was written in the media and took on their narrative bias.”

Her husband, football player, Jamie Vardy, was “fully supportive”, she told the broadcaster, adding: “He was 110 per cent behind me, in fact he encouraged me because he read the documents, as did I, he saw what I went through and he knew what I was facing”.

The case was sparked when the wife of former England star Wayne Rooney publicly claimed Vardy’s account was the source behind three stories in The Sun newspaper featuring fake details she had posted on her private Instagram stories.

Ms Vardy denied leaking stories to the media and sued Ms Rooney for libel.

Both women attended a week-long trial at the High Court in London in May, which attracted a huge amount of press attention.

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