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Robbie Williams trying to ‘embrace’ hair loss at 48 after failed transplant and follicle growth injections

Robbie Williams trying to ‘embrace’ hair loss at 48 after failed transplant and follicle growth injections


obbie Williams says he is “embracing” the loss of his hair after running out of options to save it.

The 48-year-old singer – who was once voted the Smash Hits Poll Winners ‘best haircut’ back in the 90s – has previously spared no expense in trying to regain his once luscious locks.

The Angels hit-maker underwent a hair transplant in 2013, but when it started going in 2020, he was told another procedure wasn’t possible as his hair was now too thin.

He has also tried expensive follicle growth injections to boost his barnet without success.

Robbie Williams once received an award for his haircut but says those days are long gone

/ AFP via Getty Images

Now he has decided that he’s just going to have to live with it.

Appearing as a guest on long-time friend Zoe Ball’s BBC Radio 2 show, Williams joked: “We’ve both lived long enough to see me losing my hair.

“It’s getting thinner and thinner. No one will give me a thatch job [hair transplant] because they say my hair is too thin.

“I can’t take any pills because they depress me. I’m just going to have to embrace Robbie Williams losing his hair,” the Stoke-on-Trent star, who is married to Ayda Field, concluded.

The ex-Take That star recently said during an interview on Australian radio that he had been toying with the idea of getting a wig as he prepares to release his thirteenth studio album and head out on tour.

“I’m thinking of getting a hairpiece,” the dad-of-four explained. “There are these great wigs that you can get now, you have to shave all your hair off and then you have it placed on with glue and it sticks on for a couple of weeks. I might actually do it just for touring.

“My hair is sort of mullet-y now. When I’m on stage and I’m giving it the big-un, I’m looking at them like I still think I’m 27.

“And then I turn behind me and see a 40 foot version of me with three necks and there’s a light shining on the top of my head that makes it look like a baby’s a**e I start to get slightly neurotic about declining hair.’

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