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carlett Moffatt says the secret to feeling body confident is not caring about other people’s opinions.

The popular Geordie TV star, 31, recently insisted she’s more happy as a size 18 than she ever was as a size 8 and she won’t let others try to tell her otherwise.

Speaking to the Standard, she said:“I think just realising that none of it really matters. I’m not very stereotypically the people that you see on TV and I just think life’s too short, it really is and a big thing that I keep trying to get across is body positivity doesn’t mean that just cos you’re bigger you have to be like, positive about your body. It just means celebrating the fact that everyone’s different, like no matter what your shape or size, just celebrate the fact that people are wonderful and the world would be boring if we were all the same.

“I just think when I’m nicer to myself, I seem to have a better day. I actually realised that probably the reason I wasn’t so confident wasn’t necessarily because other people were making feel that way, it was because I was comparing myself to other people and I was saying nasty things to myself whereas now I look in the mirror and I’m like ‘oh, skin looks good today,’ or ‘boobs look good today!’ and then off I trot! And it’s wonderful.”

Her latest campaign sees her team up with Hampton By Hilton to shine a light on their free breakfast buffet which she says is right up her street and says she has no shame in admitting she is a “smuggler”.

She said: “I’m here there and everywhere for me job and stay in a lot of hotels and for me personally like the most important thing is the breakfast because I just feel like it sets you up of a morning.

“I’ve stayed at a lot of Hampton By Hiltons and always had a good night’s sleep there and the breakfast is free and superb. You can put a little danish in your bag and no one will mind.

“I don’t want to feel judged that I’m having like three croissants, whereas if you pop it on your plate yourself, no one cares. They’ve got amazing waffle makers too.”

Scarlett Moffatt stole hearts when she won I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here in 2016


Mofatt first shot to fame on MTV’s Beauty School Cop Outs before making the nation roar with laughter on Gogglebox and stealing hearts with her winning turn on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

She further showed off her fun side with a presenting stint on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, embraced the paranormal with her Scarlett Moffatt Wants To Believe podcast and opened people’s minds with The British Tribe Next Door.

“I’m very aware of the privileged position that I’m in to wake up every day and feel really happy and positive about work. I know that’s a really big thing and I am very grateful for it,” she reflected on her varied career path.

“I want to shock people. I don’t want people to go ‘oh that’s Scarlett from dot dot dot,’ I want it to be ‘oh Scarlett’s doing this,’ or ‘Scarlett’s doing that,’ so I just do everything that I’m passionate about.

Scarlett Moffatt also had a stint presenting on Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway


“I have a lot of weird and wonderful hobbies that I enjoy so I try and incorporate all them. Even this campaign, I absolutely love food and a buffet so I just choose things that will bring me joy and then life’s just really fun.”

Her first ever documentary, Britain’s Tourette’s Mystery: Scarlett Moffatt Investigates, premiered on Channel 4 earlier this month.

Based on her own personal experience of facial tics after being diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy at the age of 12, she’s hoping this could be the start of a new career path for her.

She explained: “I want to continue doing documentaries because that was something that really challenged us and was very sort of outside my comfort zone so I think I definitely want to continue to do some documentaries, some hard-hitting stuff so hopefully the documentary goes well and people enjoy my style of investigative journalism.”

To celebrate Hampton by Hilton’s free hot breakfast included with every stay, Scarlett Moffatt has partnered with the brand to uncover the five types of breakfast buffet behaviours unknowingly exhibited by Brits. Find out more here.

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