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This Morning criticised as ‘dystopian’ for offering viewers chance to have their energy bills paid

This Morning criticised as ‘dystopian’ for offering viewers chance to have their energy bills paid

The show, with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, offers viewers the chance to win cash prizes such as £1,000 or £3,000 with the presenters spinning a wheel of prizes in the show’s popular ‘Spin to Win’ segment.

However, on Monday, the segment featured the chance to win energy bills paid for four months, which some viewers slammed as “dystopian” and “quite disturbing”.

Schofield said: “This week we’ve got our usual cash prizes, but you could also win some extra cash to pay your energy bills until the end of the year. That’s four months of energy bills taken care of.”

Willoughby replied: “Wow, that’s very important right now.”

One caller who took part in the segment said he was extremely “worried” about the cost of energy bills, saying: “I’ve got one of these prepayment meters and it’s absolutely murder.”

After the wheel landed on energy bills, the viewer replied: “Oh my God, fantastic, what a relief, thank you very much”.

However, those watching at home criticised the prize as tone deaf when many people are facing financial difficulties over rocketing energy bills.

One viewer said on social media: “Shame on you, this is in bad taste regardless of how honorable the intention.

“There was no need to label this “energy bills”, just let people at least win with a bit of dignity and just win cash to do with as they see fit.  It’s like a sick joke”.

Another said: “Whoever thought of that ‘Spin the Wheel’ segment relating to energy bills on @thismorning needs to give their head a wobble.

“How utterly tone-deaf considering our dire environment at the moment.”

Meanwhile, Labour MP for City of Durham, Mary Kelly Foy, said: “I’m disgusted that @thismorning have used people being unable to afford their energy bills as some kind of twisted gameshow.

“The producers need to rethink this immediately! Everyone deserves dignity, especially if they’re struggling.”

However, some defended the programme. “Why is it tone deaf? Energy bills are expensive and any help is welcomed,” said one viewer.

By some estimates, the energy price cap could rise to £7,700 by April next year for a typical household unless there is dramatic Government intervention.

Bills are already set to rise to more than £3,500 a year from October for a typical-use household.

ITV has been contacted for comment.

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