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When does Casa Amor end and when is the recoupling?

When does Casa Amor end and when is the recoupling?


ove Island is challenging its couple’s this week with the infamous Casa Amor challenge, which sees the couples separated and tempted with new, attractive singles.

So far, the girls have remained mostly loyal–while the boys have had their heads turned.

But the Islanders have no idea what the other group is up to, so they have no idea how the upcoming recoupling is going to go—and neither do the viewers.

But when does Casa Amor end? And more importantly—how long do Love Island fans have to wait to see how Ekin-Su reacts to finding out what Davide has been up to?

Find out what we know below.

When does Casa Amor end?

Based on the previous series’, Casa Amor usually lasts four or five days.

The girls headed to Casa Amor in Friday night’s episode. Wednesday night’s episode will see the islanders receive texts telling them they must decide who to couple up with.

The original 12 islanders will have to choose to either stick with their partner or couple up with one of the new Casa Amor bombshells.

It’s likely that the recoupling will be shown in Thursday night’s show—or viewers could be left with another cliffhanger and may find out the results in Friday night’s show.

How does the Casa Amor recoupling work?

If both partners choose to stay with one another, they will remain a couple.

If only one half of a couple chooses to remain loyal, and the other returns with someone new, the person who chose to remain loyal will now be single.

If both partners choose to couple up with someone new, both new couples will enter the main villa.

The Casa Amor bombshells not chosen to be in a couple will leave the villa, while the original islanders left single will be at risk of being dumped from the island.

Who is expected to couple up with someone new?

This season’s recoupling is likely to see a mix of sticks and twists. Some decisions won’t come as a surprise–while others are sure to be shocking.

So far, Luca and Gemma are expected to remain loyal to one another and stay coupled up. And it won’t be surprising to see single islanders Danica and Jay choose to couple up with other people.

However, what the other couples will decide is still up in the air.

Once loved-up couple Tasha and Andrew have both been cracking on with new islanders, but it remains to be seen if they will choose to re-couple.

Meanwhile, Paige, Ekin-Su, and Indiyah have so far been loyal to Jacques, Davide and Dami, respectively, telling their Casa Amor boys that their heads won’t be turned.

But Jacques, Davide, and Dami have had other ideas, with all three men showing interest in the new girls.

But as any Love Island fan will know, a lot can change from episode to episode, so who knows what will happen in the recoupling? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. Episodes are available the following morning on BritBox.

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