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ove Island is heating up as six new men have joined the girls in Casa Amor, while six women will spend the week in the original villa, trying to turn heads and win hearts.

One of the men in Casa Amor is Jack Keating.

He joins Michael Owen’s daughter Gemma Owen as the second contestant with a famous father–and it didn’t take him long to reveal who his celebrity dad was.

So who is Casa Amor bombshell Jack Keating?

Jack Keating is a 23-year-old from Dublin, who lives in London where he works in social media marketing.

His father is Boyzone singer Ronan Keating and his mother is model and television personality Yvonne Connolly. He has two sisters, Missy, 21,  and Ali, 16.

Jack revealed that his father will “be watching when [he’s] on it for sure,” adding, “He’s buzzing for me, me and my dad are very close,we’re best mates.”

In response to Jack’s Love Island announcement on Instagram, supportive father Ronan said: “Let’s go son.”

The singer later shared a side by side photo of Jack and himself in Boyzone, saying: “Which one’s Jack!!!”

Family is important to Jack, and he said he’s “maybe avoid someone that’s not very close to their family,” because he’s “a very family orientated person.”

Jack decided to enter Love Island this year because he’s been single for a long time, “probably four or five years now.”

He says “I’ve really been missing that spark that I haven’t been getting on the dating scene, like I’ve been dating for a long time. And I just thought why not? Hopefully I’ll get a connection with somebody and see what happens.”

Jack’s hoping to bring “a bit of energy,” to the villa, adding, “I think I’m a pretty positive, fun guy so I think some good chat and a bit of Irish charm as well.”

But he’s not afraid of stepping on toes in Casa Amor, saying he’s got a “competitive edge.” Jack said: “I’m gonna have to potentially break up a couple maybe. It won’t be the most ideal thing, but I’ve got to do what’s best for me.”

Jack is joined in the Casa Amor villa by five new men, while six women are romancing the original Islanders back at the Love Island villa.

So who are the other 11 new islanders ready to stir things up?

Deji Adeniyi

Deji Adeniyi is a Casa Amor bombshell


Deji Adeniyi is a 25-year-old accounts manager from Bedford.

He candidly explained his reason for joining Love Island, saying: “The reason why is that my sex life is amazing but my love life is awful. I am the master of failed talking stages.

“My love life isn’t going the right way so one night I decided to apply for Love Island and now I’m here!”

Josh Samuel le Grove

Josh Samuel le Grove has joined the girls in Casa Amor


Josh Samuel le Grove is a 22-year-old model from Essex.

Josh says he thinks he’ll “bring a lot of energy, hopefully some good chat and maybe a little bit of trouble to Casa Amor,” and said he’s “competitive.”

“I’d definitely step on someone’s toes, but I wouldn’t necessarily take a big risk if I wasn’t feeling them 100%.”

George Tasker

George Tasker is one of six new men to enter Love Island


George Tasker is a 23-year-old labourer from the Cotswolds.

His family would describe him as “Humble, caring, funny, kind. And clumsy, sometimes!”

George said he’ll impress someone by being himself: “I’m not a guy who has his guard up. I’ll show that I’m genuine and I mean what I say.”

Samuel Agbiji

Samuel has joined Casa Amor as a bombshell


Samuel Agbiji is a 22-year-old model from Manchester.

On why he has joined Love Island, Samuel said: “I feel like I’m at the stage where I’m happy by myself but I’m ready to pursue a connection with someone again and see where that will take me.”

He may stir things up in Casa Amor, as he says: “When it comes to treading on toes, I don’t really care. I will tread on toes if I have to.

“If she’s single then I have every right to do that, the same way I’d expect you to do it to me if you wanted to get to know a girl that I was in conversation with.”

Billy Brown

Billy Brown is one of 12 new islanders


Billy Brown is a 23-year-old roofing company director from Surrey.

Billy thinks he’s a catch, as he says: “When I get into a relationship I’m very, very romantic. At the start I’m quite playful, funny, making everyone laugh.

“But when you put a name on it, I still have that, but I get more romantic, doing things for them, all the cute stuff.”

Summer Botwe

Summer Botwe is one of six bombshells who’ve entered the original villa


Summer Botwe is a 22-year-old events decor business co-owner from Hertfordshire.

She has her eye on Dami, and gushed about all the reasons she likes him: “His dress sense is really good, he’s funny, he’s just like an allrounder completely.

“Everyone loves him and he’s like their go-to and I love that about a person. His vibes are immaculate and I’m drawn to that.”

Summer’s also willing to tread on Indiyah’s toes, saying: “We’re all there for the same reason at the end of the day – I’m going to go full steam ahead.

“I’ve been competitive my whole life. I’m putting my best foot forward and I’m not wasting any time getting to know people.”

Jazmine Nichol

Jazmine has entered Love Island as a Casa Amor bombshell


Jazmine Nichol is a 21-year-old nightclub manager from Newcastle.

On why she has joined Love Island, Jazmine said: “I’ve dated around Newcastle for years now. The ones I’ve tried have all been promoters or DJs and they’re all just nonsense.

“I need to meet people who are wanting something. It’s always the casual hook-up culture and that’s not me. I like a relationship, I like to find a connection.”

The three men she has her eye on, in order, are Jacques, Jay, and Davide.

Coco Lodge

Coco is one of 12 new islanders


Coco Lodge is a 27-year-old from Surrey who works as a graphic designer, ring girl, and shot girl.

On what she’s going to bring to the Love Island villa, Coco said: “I’m the type of person who doesn’t hold back with what they say. I’m a no filter kind of person. It gets me into a lot of trouble.

“I don’t think before I speak – I physically can’t. I do actually try and I can’t, it just comes out. I’ll be one of the most open, not holding back, telling it how it is kind of people, which could go either way really.”

Chyna Mills

Chyna is one of Love Island’s latest bombshells


Chyna Mills is a 23-year-old youth support worker from Leeds.

Her family would describe her as “Over the top. Overly confident, extra.”

Chyna says: “If anything – I think I’m God’s gift. Anyone that tells me I’m good looking, it just goes in my ears and fills my head up!”

She has her eye on Dami, followed by Jacques and Davide, and says that she won’t mind stepping on anyone’s toes.

Mollie Salmon

Mollie is one of Casa Amor’s bombshells


Mollie Salmon is a 23-year-old makeup artist from Southampton.

She says she’s single at the moment because she’s fussy. Mollie says: “I also don’t mind being single, unless someone sweeps me off my feet then I’m not going to settle for someone I’m not 100% sure on.”

Her top three boys are Jay, Davide, and Jacques: “They all look amazing but Jay is just carved from gold. I’ve never seen abs sculpted like that, him and Davide.”

Cheyanne Kerr

Cheyanne has entered Love Island’s Casa Amor


Cheyanne Kerr is a 23-year-old cabin crew member from Barnsley.

She describes herself as “quite down to earth” and says: “I am not a tomboy but I do really get along with lads on the banter side of things. I am also from Yorkshire and we are very known for being really friendly people.”

On why she thinks she’s a catch, Cheyanne says: “I’m not a high maintenance person where I

expect this and that. I’m quite humble and I don’t expect a lot from a relationship. I just expect someone who listens to me and takes interest in what I’ve got to say.”

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITV Hub. episodes are available the following morning on Britbox.

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