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ZANU-PF will rule Zimbabwe forever, vows Mnangagwa | Zim News

ZANU-PF will rule Zimbabwe forever, vows Mnangagwa | Zim News

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa has vowed that his party, ZANU-PF will rule Zimbabwe forever.

“ZANU PF ndiyo Party icharamba ichingotonga, ichava nhaka yevana vevana vedu ichingotonga,” he says.

He says when the current group of leadership is gone, new crop of leaders will always emerge within ZANU-PF and takes over.

(ZANU-PF will continue governing Zimbabwe. Like inheritance our children and theirs will continue to rule within the party)

Speaking when met party supporters in Bulawayo enroute to Beitbridge, President Mnangagwa said those who imposed sanctions thought it will lead to regime change.

He added that ZANU PF is the only revolutionary Party which will protect the country and its people.

‘Matabeleland South Province inorakasha itsika yekuno yekugona,” he said.


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